Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Planning for the future 1862

June 2, 1862
Dear Journal,
God has started to look kindly down on us it seems, for this year has finally started to take a turn. It was only back in March that I was fretting over my advisory position with President Davis, complaining about my rank, and how little influence it carried. However, it seems God has seen fit to give me a second chance, and it is one I shall not waste. Don’t misunderstand. I think it was awful how General Johnston was shot off his horse in the line of duty, but I will see to it that I bring justice to what has happened to him as commander of The Army of Northern Virginia….
September 2, 1862
Dear Journal,
I took my chance at redemption when the Union dared to stand on our front lawn. I decided then and there that I would strike back. I sent my troops after General McClellan's army head on, and it paid off. We managed to push them back 20 miles. The battle lasted seven long days, and it cost me thousands of my men. I wouldn’t stop there when I could push the Union back even farther. My persistence paid off as we pushed McClellan’s forces back into Washington, during a second victory at Manassas. In a short time I have been able to push the Unionists off their high horse and restore my men’s faith in my leadership. I know there have been many casualties. Thousands lay dying, and there are thousands more to come. There is not enough Chloroform in the world for that. This brings me no joy, but I will push our advantage while I’m able. I will not sit idly by and wait, for the next Northern attack on Southern soil. This time we will strike first, and we will win.
     With Prayer,
Robert Edward Lee

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