Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The sins I've committed, 1863

Dear Journal,
Mr. Davis would not accept my letter of resignation. He simply said to me that there is no one to replace me in my rank and position. This is a statement that I cannot believe to be true. I am left with no way to repent, for the sins I committed at the Battle of Gettysburg. I caused thousands casualties, by the words of my mouth. I relive every horrifying moment when I close my eyes. The images come back vividly, and I am paralyzed. The rapid fire of guns as Yankee bullets ripped their way through my men. I watched as Pickett’s soldiers toppled over, one by one. When the few survivors walked back, withered by the terror they had indured, the only words that could escape my mouth were, “It’s my fault”. I could not bring back the dead. I could not make their pain go away. I could take away the memories cemented in their minds, of the horrors of warfare. Therefore, if I cannot be replaced, I will make it my life’s mission to not give up. I will not surrender to the Union even when there is no hope in sight. I will not let the lives I cost be in vain. I am their General, and I will stand strong against the enemy. Not only for myself, but for my state. I will avenge the fallen.
With prayer for the fallen,

Robert E. Lee

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